We design and produce custom made curtains, blinds ,sofas, chairs, dining table, ottomans and headboards to suit your requirements. We have showroom stock but can also take your measurements and design a piece that will suit your home or office.


Curtains and blinds are made and fitted to the highest possible standards. we are able to supply most types of window treatments. With the best quality materials. Fabrics are locked in at the seams and half widths, with hand metered and weighted -comers weather you order a single cushion or window dressings for a complete house, your project is seen through from design, measuring, ordering, Checking fabrics, cutting to making up. finally curtains are dressed, pressed and fitted by us.


Tracks and poles


We are able to supply and install all types of tracks and poles, including bay window poles. We also offer a complete curtain and blind fitting service by our fully trained and insured fitters.


Furniture - high level custom made furnishings..


An exclusive furniture collection from contemporary styles to timeless classics. Customers can choose Furniture's are individually handmade to your specific order.



We do re-upholstery of couches, sofas, chairs, bedroom suites etc. It is much cheaper to reupholster than to buy new furniture yet reupholstering brings back the new look...


Fabric Library

- Local and Imported Fabrics and Leather collection..


Acrylic design division

Our factory is equipped with advanced InternationaHevel equipment and machinery to do any kind of projects with acrylic there are experienced technicians to guarantee the high quality and innovative products. We can design and manufacture various acrylic products, such as acrylic furniture's ,display stands, kiosks shelves and show racks for mobile phones, MP3 players, jeweky, sweets etc. Moreover, we also produce medals, price stands, photo frames, calendars and other related products for restaurants and shopping malls.

We have our own corresponding superiority in high quaity products and comparable prices to ensure continual development and grandness. We always by our best to provide customers with the best products and service. We hope to establish long-term business relationships with customers.


Project management


Installation and Project Management covers all aspects from initial Meeting and briefing, though design concept supervision at all Stages of the project to completion, including the services of Experienced project dedicated contracts managers.


Strict control of agreed budgets and time frames, including Inspection of manufactured products, compliance checking prior To delivery to site with regular project status reporting


Quality Control Procedures


The following detail will comprise the quality control procedure (QCP).


1. All work will be performed in accordance with the contract Requirements; We will maintain an inspection system on a regular Basis, in order to assure the contract has fulfilled the contract Requirements. My indication of system defined error, will leads to Re-work on the product In order to assure and fulfill the contract Requirements


2. The QCP does not endeavor to summarize the contract Requirements. It describes the process which we will use to assure The quality of product according to the requirements. Necessary Details dealing with minor items will be overlooked in this Procedure & will be addressed officially between the Quality Control Technician (QCT) and the project supervisor (PS), as the Work progresses and will be documented as writing, if so Requested by the PS. It is understood that the level of QC will be Consistent with the contract


3. The Project Manager will be responsible for the successful Completion of the project work though HE/SHE has similar Responsibilities on the other projects as well.


4. QCT will report directly to the production manager as well as the Project manager. He will be responsible for the day to day Fabrication process according to QC standpoint. He will assure That all required tests and documentation are completed and The results are furnished to the contractor in a time frame.QCT is Authorized to suspend any operation which he deems to be in Non-compliance with the contract


5. as the number of operations or their dispersion on the project Starts to over extend to OCT responsibilities will specifically be Assigned to Our supervisory personnel specifically responsible for The given operations or an assistant to him will be provided in Either case, standards of application of QCP will be the same .The names experience and qualification of any personnel Assuming QCP responsibilities will be provided to the contractor in advances


6. We have an experienced and highly professional staff that will be responsible for the QC requirements, so we do not anticipate any personnel or training problems in complying with them .11 any such problems occur, We will take necessary actions to assure the QCP which includes retraining with more supervision


Preperation Phase:

  • Organizing the work to complete it on time.
  • Reviewing all contract requirements
  • Ensuring the component material will fulfill the contract requirements
  • Ensuring the equipment and professionals
  • Ensuring the samples had fulfilled the contract requirements and the Same will be acknowledged by the contractor before the work



  • Reviewing the contract requirements with professionals who Will perform the contract
  • Inspecting start-up of work which includes material and tie Span PRODUCTION PHASE
  • Providing the supervision from concept to completion
  • Conducting a regular inspection during the fabrication to Identify the defects
  • Providing information to the Production Manger to avoid Repeated defects
  • Ensuring the standard of workmanship, In accordance with The approval sample
  • Ensuring the product has been completed and delivered on Time DESCRIPHON OF RECORDS
  • Records of each process will be maintained for future References



The Overall goal is to deliver finished products in quality and Accordance to the contract requirements testing and inspection Will be performed and documented for the purpose of evaluating The effectiveness of our work processes, identifying and correcting Non-conforming work and ensuring the quality of the work will not be compromised:.